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Baumer: VeriSens,vision sensor Thailand
The reliable vision sensor for automation technology. user -friendly, powerful for varity applic...
Machine Vison High angle ring LED Lighting
High-intensity light output for machine vision, creating crisp vivid image 24V input power ...
Machine vision Thailand, PV200
High-spec Performance machine vision  Improve inspection reliability while reducing engin...
CCD Machine Vision, Toshiba Teli IEEE1394.b B&W Camera
  The FireDragon Series cameras are available in B/W and color models with resolutions ran...
Machine vision system integrator

Welcome to Abiz Technology Co.,Ltd.

Abiz Technology Co., Ltd. is a system integrator and retail office for the area of quality control and technical process watching. We provide complete vision system solution and detection solution with technical supports and after sales services. Abiz Technology Co., Ltd supply machine vision  with its ascessories; vision sensor CCD camera, lens and light source. And we also offer a wide range of  photoelectric, fiberoptic, inductive & capacitive proximity sensors, ultrasonics, and many specialized sensors.

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3D Smart Camera Gocator LMI

Deep learning machine vision software

Abiz Technology have been providing machine vision to many factories in Thailand such as food & beverage, pharmaceutical industry , automotive indutry , electronic industry , Hardisk drive . with the expreirnce team, we are able to design your machine vision solution, install the vision system, select the right vision sensor , and confirm the function of your machine vision system.


Sample application Machine vision

Automotive Industrial

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check position of light bulb pole  assembly checking count of sharpness in gear inspect preprocess of assembling and dimention of angle check for character

Inkjet and Laser Mark Date Code 

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 check expiry date on bottle  check expiry date on can  check date code on bookbank  check date and lot number on   box  check date code on lid of bottle


Gocator 3D Sensor Application

 video anchoring_0  video throttle_0  video partedge_0
New flexible Anchoring : new feature to Gocator   3D measurement and control in one samplepackage   Part edge filtering new feature to Gocator


PV200 Panasonic basic training

Capture1.1 Capture2.1 Capture 3.1

Our Product partners

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Please contact us: 

Tel. +66(0)2-275-5475
Mobile :

+66 (0)99-915-1459

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This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it