OPT Machine Vision RI (Ring Lights)

Machine Vision Lighting
Ring lights can emit light from different angles and highlight three-dimensional information of an object. The design of the light enclosure enlarges the area for heat transfer keeps the device cool and extents the life span of the light source.

OPT Machine Vision LI (Bar Light)

Machine Vision Lighting
Best choice for the cost-effective inspection of large objects. Illumination angle can be adjusted according to customers' requirements. Various colours can be combined to satisfy different demands; easy customization of size and colours

OPT Machine Vision RID
(Dome Lights)

Machine Vision Lighting
Using special diffuser, providing uniform and shadow less lighting Eliminating reflective and shadows, ideal choice for the glossy and curved surfaces

OPT Machine Vision LIM
(Combined Bar Lights)

Machine Vision Lighting
Free angle adjustment. Intensity of each light can be controlled independently. Widely used, first choice for the large square illumination

OPT Machine Vision CO
(Coaxial Lights)

Machine Vision Lighting
High image resolution and uniform illumination, high-density LED array, upgrading the brightness of the illumination Special heat-conductive design for longevity and stability Special coated beam splitter for maximum light

OPT Machine Vision AOI Lights
OPT-RIA Series

Machine Vision Lighting

Product Features

  • Special diffuser designed to improve the uniformity
  • Highlight object 3D information by multi-colored (RGB)
    illumination from various angles

OPT Machine Vision FLG (High Power Back Lights)

Machine Vision Lighting
Using high-power SMD LED and heat transfer materials for our high-brightness Back Light. It is well suited for applications with short exposure times. This series offers high intensity and uniformity. The size can be customized freely. The intensity is 1.5 times higher than the standardseries

OPT Machine Vision LST (High Uniform Line Scan Lights)

Machine Vision Lighting
Diffuser creates uniform illumination High-density LED array and high-uniformity diffuser help to reduce speckles of reflective and uneven surfaces

OPT Machine Vision RIF (Diffuse LED Dark Field Ring Lights)

Machine Vision Lighting
For large round objects or small irregularly shaped objects Higher uniformity compared to standard ring lights. Even illumination of the surface without shading. Different working distances create different results

OPT Machine Vision RIU (Diffuse LED Front Lights)

Machine Vision Lighting
Spherical design to eliminate the reflection on the surface effectively. Special diffuser reduces reflections close to the performance of dome illuminations.

OPT Machine Vision RIG (High Power Ring Lights)

Machine Vision Lighting
High-power LEDs, high-density LED array, special lens, 2 times higher intensity than standard ring lights. Suitable for long working distances

OPT Machine Vision LIU (Vault Lights)

Machine Vision Lighting
It can get pretty even illumination. Combines the features of dome lights and bar lights. Opening on the top for the easy installation of area scan or line scan cameras

OPT Machine Vision Current Digital Controller

Products Features
  1. 256 intensity level control.
  2. Detect max loading current automatically .
  3. Set up max output current manually.
  4. Multi channels can be communicated at the same time.
  5. Trigger signal input: put the outside signal like camera trigger signal into controller

OPT Machine Vision Strobe digital controller


Product Features

  1. Rs232 communication
  2. For strobing LED illuminations with higher brightness; the width of the output pulses can be set from 1 to 1023 µs
  3. Multiple channels can be controlled simultaneously.
  4. Internal self-trigger function, adjustable from 15 to 1000 ms.
  5. Trigger signal input: connect an external signal source (e.g. a camera trigger signal) for synchronized strobing of the illumination device.

OPT Machine Vision Mini Voltage Analog Controller


Product Features

  1. No-level intensity control 
  2. It is convenient to carry for it is compact.
  3. Control by hand which means intensity can be set manually
  4. It is convenient to install and can be installed with screw and DIN rail.
  5. To input DC20-24V voltage and it's convenient to use the direct current in the desk of the machine
  6. Trigger signal input:put the external signal like camera trigger signal into controller, it can make the light flash which increases the life span of the controller.

OPT Machine Vision Mini current digital controller

Products Features
  1. 256 levels intensity control 
  2. 100M ethernet communication
  3. RS232 communication
  4. The width of the trigger pulse can be set
  5. It is convenient to carry and install for the cotroller is very compact , it can be installed with screw and DIN rail
  6. It can detect the max loading current automatically and the max output current can be set manually.
  7. It can be expanded into 16 channels by adding the EMM0524 expansionary module

OPT Machine Vision Voltage analog controller


Product Features

  1. Manual no-level intensity control
  2. Trigger signal input:put the external signal like camera trigger signal into controller, it can make the light flash and it can increase the life span of the controller.
  3. Installation is easy, can be installed by screw and DIN rail.