Improve inspection reliability while reducing engineering man-hours Image processing with top-level accuracy and performance in its class is available with an unprecedentedly small number of man-hours required for programming.

The new ideal machine vision is a color/ gray combination type.

Color and gray images can be simultaneously captured for inspection.

In addition, the Quad processor provides ultra-high speed parallel processing, significantly reducing the inspection time. the performance of the new Panasonic compact system is anything but little:

4 processors provide for impressive computing power Digital CameraLink technology for fast, trouble-free image transmission 2 cameras parallel 5 different camera types with up to 4 megapixels Gray-scale and color systems in one Numerous checkers, e.g. edge detection, pattern matching, flaw detection Amazing filter functions such as tophat, RGB, etc. Digital I/O, RS232, Ethernet and USB SD card slot (also SHDC) Easy to configure via keypad or free PVWIN software Compact, industrial design (fanless)

High End Performance in a Compact Body

Image processing with impressive accuracy and performance can now be achieved while requiring a surprisingly low implementation and programming time.

The new ideal machine is a color/grey combination type.

Camera selections

Five types of cameras, including a 4M gray camera, are available with the system.You can choose color and/gray cameras according to application requirement.

Color/ grey combination inspection system

Grey conversion

Color images can be converted into gray images by specifying RGB values. This function makes it easier to find foreign substances, raising the inspection accuracy.

Color extraction

Colors in different color phases can be simultaneously extracted and inspected by using one inspection checker, which was previously impossible with a conventional model (AX40).